Proof of Purchase

When purchasing products directly from CCM, our packing slip/invoice serves as your proof of purchase receipt.

When purchasing products from a CCM Authorized Dealer, their sales receipt serves as your proof of purchase receipt.  


CCM Limited Lifetime Warranty

The CCM Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable.  This warranty does not apply to products that have been abused, misused, modified or repaired by a non CCM authorized repair person.

Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty returns and service.

CCM products are thoroughly inspected before leaving the factory and are warranted to be free of material and manufacturing defects.  Normal wear and tear on parts and anodizing is not covered under warranty.

Custom color anodizing and color match are not covered under warranty. 

CCM markers that have been modified and no longer meet original factory specifications are not covered under warranty.

Any damage/issue caused by another manufacturer's part is not covered under the CCM Warranty.


Warranty Service

CCM will repair or replace warranty items at no charge to the customer.  The decision to replace or repair an item will be determined by CCM.  Please email shopkeeper@chipleymachine.com for any questions regarding warranty items and to obtain a RMA#.


Non-Warranty Repairs and Service

CCM will repair CCM parts not covered under warranty.  Marker repairs are done at a $35.00 per hour shop rate.  The customer is responsible for replacement parts, labor, and all shipping chagres.  CCM only works on CCM manufactured products.  CCM will notify customers of all repair/replacement costs prior to any work being done.  Please remove all non-CCM parts before shipping markers.  Markers must be cleaned of any old paint or other foreign material both inside and out before shipping.

Please check out our tech videos for help with repairs and adjustments.  You can also call 877-412-6850 to speak with a service technician.

CCM does not repair or service non-CCM products.