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Product Description

   This is the new CCM Lightweight Main Guide Rod for standard CCM pump kits and pump markers.  The Lightweight Main Guide Rod weighs nearly 50% less than the previous main guide rods and increases the volume in front of the valve as an added bonus.  These Lightweight Main Guide rods are only available in 2K threading and are compatible with the CCM Standard Pump Kits and Pump Markers.  Each Lightweight Main Guide Rod is machined from solid 300 series stainless steel and is hand polished for a smooth pump stroke.  


2K: Pump Kits, J2, S5
CCM: S6, S6.5, T2, J2L, MBP
S6M: S6M, S6.5M

Please note that the J2 Marker uses the 2K main guide rod.  The CCM main guide rod will not work on the J2 Marker.


   CCM products are designed and manufactured in the United States and are machined from high quality materials such as 6061 air craft grade aluminum, 300 series stainless steel, and durable plastics such as delrin and lexan.

Lightweight Main Guide Rod

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