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Product Description

   This is the new CCM Lightweight EZ Grip pump handle for CCM pump markers and autococker style pump kits.  Both the 3" and 3.5" handles have been hollowed out to reduce the weight of the handle.  A pump plate may be purchased with the Lightweight EZ Grip pump handle and is available in polished black, polished silver, and dust black finishes.  Mounting screws are included with the pump plate.  Not available in clear acrylic. 

   The Lightweight EZ Grip pump handle is compatible with CCM T2 Quad-Rod EZ Grip pump plates.


   Standard Lightweight EZ Grip
      Length: 3.5 inches
      Weight: 3.3 ounces

   Short Lightweight EZ Grip
      Length: 3 inches
      Weight: 2.7 ounces

   Old Standard EZ Grip (for comparison)
      Length: 3 inches
      Weight: 4.5 ounces


   CCM products are designed and manufactured in the United States and are machined from high quality materials such as 6061 air craft grade aluminum, 300 series stainless steel, and durable plastics such as delrin and lexan.

Lightweight EZ Grip Pump Handle

7.00 Ounces
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